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Saturday, June 12, 2010

I want it!

This evening I was fiddling around with my artfire account when my eye got caught by an ad...

The Sew Essentials Quilter's Design Table:

Sew Essentials Quilters Design Table

I was drooling before my mouse even clicked on the picture.

Open dimensions: 56-1/4''x29-3/4''; Closed 47''x15-7/8''x29-3/4''

Designed for quilters, this Quilter's Design table has a fold out table with 1'' grids for extra work space as well as a roll-out serger storage shelf. Locking casters for added security.

Yes, I know, I just bought all of that furniture from Ikea - but this table even matches... once I finish the last 7 boxes, I'll be measuring to see if I can fit this in there, too.


Lanyardlady said...

Wow, that's nice! Do you have any success on Artfire?

Shore Debris said...

No, no success on artfire. I just have the free "basic" account though. I approach it the same way I do 1000 markets - fill it up because it is free but don't expect to sell anything.

"Risky Beads" - who has the "Handmade Highway" was exlaining that she saw it as "branding" your store name and recommended putting your stuff everywhere.

I've made 0 sales on artfire and 2 on 1000 Markets.

Linda said...

My quilter friend has this table setup and she swears by it!