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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My favorite end of summer flowers...

I love my impatiens at the end of summer. When everything else seems so done with blooming, my impatiens are going strong and I can see them from the road.
This year, I couldn't believe the deal I got on them either - they were in little 6-packs for 10 cents at Lowes. My only regret will be when the first frost gets here, they will all be gone.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Creating a Pendant

I love wire wrapping randomly shaped objects (especially those found on the beach), but do you ever wonder how I get to a finished item like this?wire wrapped sea glass pendant with freshwater pearls I start with a rough sketch (outline) of the item I am going to wrap and then draw across is where I think the wires should go.
rough sketch sea glass pendant Then I slowly wrap starting with my base wires (the wires that hold the bottom of the pendant).

Then I connect my base and top wires (normally I use 20 and 26 guage wires)
and start adding embellishments:

Until I decided I need to change my pattern a bit - by taking away various swirls and adding wire where I hadn't planned to:

But eventually it turns into something I like :)