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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Creating a Pendant

I love wire wrapping randomly shaped objects (especially those found on the beach), but do you ever wonder how I get to a finished item like this?wire wrapped sea glass pendant with freshwater pearls I start with a rough sketch (outline) of the item I am going to wrap and then draw across is where I think the wires should go.
rough sketch sea glass pendant Then I slowly wrap starting with my base wires (the wires that hold the bottom of the pendant).

Then I connect my base and top wires (normally I use 20 and 26 guage wires)
and start adding embellishments:

Until I decided I need to change my pattern a bit - by taking away various swirls and adding wire where I hadn't planned to:

But eventually it turns into something I like :)

1 comment:

Almost Precious said...

The art of creating art is never a cut and dry process, seems sometimes the picture in our mind has to adapt itself to what the ART wishes to do and our mind just has to go along for the ride. LOL

Your finished piece is absolutely gorgeous.