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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Get back in the closet!

This past weekend my husband and I finally took the Christmas decorations down. Where I live right now, this is crazieness... we're the only house that still had Christmas up after January 1st.

When I grew up, Christmas decorations were always a big thing. All day, the day after Thanksgiving involved large boxes, tissue, and dust. As every piece of the regular decor got packed away and Christmas emerged. The whole operation took the entire family about a week (seriously - one mover asked my mom in 1996 if she owned a florist shop - was the only reason he could figure he was moving so many wreathes, garlands, sprays...). This decorating never came down before president's day weekend in February.
Vicky's closet full of Christmas DecorationsAs an adult, I now wonder if it was less the spirit of Christmas and more the pain of putting it away that kept it up so long.


Miss Val's Creations said...

It's done!!! It is not as fun to pack things up as it is to display them! ~Val

Shore Debris said...

Val - you are definitely right! :)