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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thrift Store Finds

Are you someone who likes to rumage around in thrift stores and come out with amazing items? I definitely am. And my favorite stores are those in Naples, Florida. My grandmother and I spent the day hitting all of our favorites, including St. Vincents De Paul Thrift Store where I found this wonderful soup bowl:Soup bowl by Karin VillaromanThis fits in my house perfectly! The bottom is a basketweave design and shells/sea life decorate the sides.Shells and Sealife pottery bowl by Karin VillaromanWhen I turned it over, I even found it has the artist's name: Karin Villaroman. Now, hopefully the artist isn't too offended that I paid only $1 for this bowl, but it is definitely going to the home of someone who will love it, cherish it, and use it regularly for the beautiful piece that it is. Charlestowne Pottery bowl by Karin Villaroman

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