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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Slow Going...

I love wire wrapping... I live for wire wrapping... my old part-time job involved intensive computer sessions for 4-5 hours a day... suddenly my body said, "No" to all of the repetitive motion and I developed a very large and very painful ganglion cyst.Vicky's Bandage on Right Wrist Even 3 weeks off with no jewelry making and no typing did not calm it... nor did it go away when my chiropractor hit it (literally attempting the whacking with a bible theory).

So this week a surgeon removed it. I can hold pliers in my left hand still but have no leverage when playing with wire. I guess my end of the summer will be a full out sprint in jewelry making as I try to make up for so much time off :)


LindaS said...

sorry to hear of this but hope you recover soon - I developed a very small one several years ago but it went away on its own.

I then developed a serious case of carpal tunnel - went in for several months of physical therapy - it's better but still wear a wrist brace at night. And do have to be very conscious of proper posture and exercise to relieve the stress and strengthen those muscles used during jewelry making.

Almost Precious said...

Ouch ! I know the old fashioned remedy was to give it a good whack with a heavy object (like the family bible) but the thought of that just sends shivers up my spine. Hope your wrist is feeling better and that you'll be back to beading pain free very soon.

Francy said...

Bless your heart. Hope you'r healed soon and better than ever.