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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I have been on vacation for the first half of this month... I've been lucky that my job ended at the same time the rest of my extended family was also taking time off so I could visit with them.

I had no idea how much I needed a vacation until I returned. I have read a total of 4 books in the last 2.5 weeks and in turn realized it has been more than a year since I read my last book.

4 books that Vicky has recently read:  A Crazy Little Thing Called Death by Nancy Martin, Sacred Stone by Clive Cussler, Book of the Dead by Patricia Cornwell, and What Came Before He Shot Her by Elizabeth George Now I wasn't reading anything remotely intellectual, but I do love a complete fictional retreat. This summer I'm going to make sure I get back into my reading habit again.

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Almost Precious said...

I can't even remember the last time I sat down and read a book (good or otherwise). The books look interesting and should provide for some fun reading.