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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Richard Triebe - Author and Tent-mate for a day

So Monday I mentioned that I got to share my tent at the last minute with an author over the weekend. So here he is - Richard Triebe:Author Richard Triebe He was showcasing his book, On a Rising Tide, historical fiction set in the Civil War and a non-fiction work on the soldiers who were captured at Fort Fisher,NC and taken to Elmira, NY that will be released this fall. Conversation with Richard made my entire day flow by very fast.
On a Rising Tide, A novel by Richard Triebe And this is a picture of my new book! Yet another addition to my library (that is running out of space). I've been reading it over breakfast in the mornings and have almost made myself late to work since I'm finding the beginning such a gripping tale - Chapter 1 opens up into the middle of a blockade run, lots of cannon balls, and some surprise...

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