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Monday, March 19, 2012

Crazy for Crochet

I learned to crochet at the end of last summer and now have made so many potholders and washclothes for my family I've been told to stop :)

On Tuesday, I finished my first "big" crochet project - this purple shrug (I had only started it last October):Of course, I was able to wear it on Tuesday because it was still in the 60s, but by Wednesday, it felt like 90 outside. I guess it will go into winter storage, but I'll have something cool to wear when autumn comes!

I was reading Kim's post at Snug Harbor on learning to crochet, and through her found a fabulous crochet blog: Aesthetic Nest. Anneliese is doing a new Learn to Crochet series and I found this awesome tutorial on her site for a baby cloche: Granted, that was attempt number 4 above, but I finally got it! Numbers 1 and 2 had mistakes and looked like they were made for cone heads... my gauge on number 3 was totally messed up and almost fits my head... But it's all a learning process :)


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I love your color choices and both projects look great! Thanks for the little shout out! I'm learning a lot from Anneliese - her tutorials are fab! So far I've made several hats, cowls and headbands. Now I'm in the middle of a blanket and a poncho. I think I'm officially hooked!

LindaS said...

Hi Vicky - another skill under your belt! I used to crochet in my very younger days, lots of doilies, toilet tissue covers, table cloths and a few sweaters. Then on to knitting...

If you wish to donate some of your energy and time, here is a link for making helmet liners for the troops -


Miss Val's Creations said...

Beautiful work! It is like summer today in MA. Maybe you will be able to wear the shrug one more time if the weather goes back to what it should be! Kim's baby cloche is so sweet!

I love your idea of a standing craft table. That would really make a difference instead of sitting all the time!

Almost Precious said...

Great job on the shrug, it is lovely and the baby cloche is adorable. Looks like you may need to open a 3rd Etsy shop. :)