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Saturday, May 5, 2012

More Crochet

I am still addicted to crochet.  Whenever I can be caught without beads or wire in my hand, I've got yarn and a hook instead.  Not sure when I'll find time to eat or sleep again :)

I bought a ring box pattern from NeedleNoodles awhile back and on the third attempt I finally got a box out of it.  Here it is: (pay no attention that the stitches go in a different direction on the top of my box than the one on the pattern picture!)

Crochet Ring Box Made By Vicky Brown of Shore Debris
Crochet ring box using NeedleNoodles' pattern.

My future plans are to make a full sized jewelry box (expanding this pattern a bit) and placing a crochet octopus on top!  I can't wait to start that.

I also made my first pair of slippers.  Good thing it was cold for a few mornings last week and I've already been able to break them in.  I don't find them very attractive and will be looking for a cuter slipper pattern come autumn. I'm thinking tan mary janes with a bright colored flower...
Crochet slippers made by Vicky Brown of Shore Debris Jewelry Design


Miss Val's Creations said...

Nice work! The ring box is adorable. A jewelry box with an octopus on top sounds so fun!!! The slippers look so cozy. Mary janes would be adorable.

Della said...

The ring box is a great idea! It's cute, and will protect the jewelry during shipping, too! I'd rather make jewelry than crochet, though.

Thanks for the pointer! I'll remember that ;)