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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

State Farmers Market in Raleigh

The weekend before this past one, my husband and I ran up to the State Farmers' Market in Raleigh. I love visiting during their spring craft fair (which ends up being my yearly visit). Last year, my neighbor and I went for veggies and came home with crafts only.

This year, I went for crafts and came home with plants and honey. It always surprises me how that turns out.
three blueberry bushesI got a few blueberry bushes (that are covered with blossoms!) and have them in the ground near my new garage (It's still new if it's a year old, right?).
apple tree blossom budsI had to move my apple tree away from the garage and am so excited because this is the first year it will blossom (and I didn't kill it when I moved it.... my normal M.O.).

ann magnolia tree And this was my prize. The Ann Magnolia. Stands about 6 feet tall and is planted next to the southern magnolia. I can't wait until next year when I get the full force of his bloom in my yard.

flower from ann magnolia treeThose flowers are ever so pretty!
another flower from ann magnolia treeAre you adding to your gardens this year?


Almost Precious said...

I love Farmer's Markets, they're so much fun ! Have never been to a really big one though, it would probably over whelm me. :D
It's great that your apple tree survived being transplanted and your new blueberry bushes should really fill in as they become more established In a year or two you'll have blueberries galore. Blueberry pies, muffins, jams, jelly, or just fresh and sweet straight off the bush. I would love to have some in my garden but we're too far south for them to grown well. :(

The crowning glory of your garden has to be your magnolia tree, those huge pink blossoms are magnificent! What gorgeous photos.

Miss Val's Creations said...

I love these magnolia flowers! Best of luck with the blueberries. Spring is so wonderful! I spent a lot of money on shrubs and flowers last year so this year will be spent pampering them. :) ~Val