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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Beautiful Sea Glass... Etsy Product Review #9

Here's a different sort of product review... My mom bought me this beautiful set of sea glass jewelry from a Guantanamo Bay craft fair from the maker of Castaways Jewelry Design. I had the opportunity to meet this talented lady at a memorial day craft fair this year (My table was 2 rows behind and one to the right of her table). When I was comparing her packing up at the end of the show to how my mom and I packed up our tables, I decided she is much more organized that we have ever been :) Now, Castaways Jewelry has let her etsy shop listings expire in August, but hopefully she comes back soon! I noticed that this summer she has a new display in a Guantanamo Bay gift shop and I'm so glad because now people can buy this jewelry all the time versus just at craft shows.

Castaways Jewelry uses only sea glass found on the beaches of Guantanamo Bay to create her designs. My set was accented with amethyst and fresh water pearl beads on silver settings.

So if you're ever at a craft show and see Castaways, you definitely want to check out this booth!


Almost Precious said...

Sea glass is so pretty,it has a beauty and soft look to it that only the ocean waves and sand could create...Mother Nature our inspiring artist.
I too hope that CastawaysJewelry will decide to return and reopen her shop, but unfortunately it seems to be far more difficult to run a successful online business than doing art and craft shows. People tend to like to see things, touch things and try things on.
You have a lovely blog and a lovely shop !

Shore Debris said...

Thank you so much!

Kyle and Rebecca Bayless said...

Vicky--what a treat to come across your blog! I am working on creating a website, and should have it up and running in the next few weeks! I'm thrilled that you're enjoying your seaglass jewelry! I'll let you know when the website is active--thanks again for the great review!
--Rebecca Bayless, Castaways Jewelry

Kyle and Rebecca Bayless said...

I'm thrilled that I came upon your blog--and your lovely comments about my jewelry!! My partner and I are currently working on a website, and hope to launch it soon.
Thanks again for the wonderful review--and I'm so glad you're enjoying your jewelry. I'm looking forward to following your blog!

Shore Debris said...

Rebecca - I'm glad you found it, too! Every time I wear my sea glass set, even just to the grocery store, I get at least one comment on how beautiful it is. Can't wait to see you new website when it is up!
Best regards, Vicky