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Friday, September 11, 2009

Goddess Ear Cuff... Etsy Product Review #6

A few weeks ago, I was browsing around and saw an article on a woman who makes ear cuffs and does it full time... so one day, when I came across a sale at Thyme 2 Dream, I couldn't resist getting my own goddess ear cuff :) At Thyme 2 Dream, she makes all items to order, so I was pleasantly surprised when my ear cuff showed up only 2.5 weeks after I ordered it. (I know she has some bad feedback from people who thought she took too long, but I guess for me, on made to order items, I expect 4-6 weeks for delivery because that is what it would have to be for me.)

The ear cuff was placed in a small purple jewelry box (and purple being my favorite color, it made me happy) and the box was shipped in a small bubble mailer. It all arrived in great condition and would work as a great gift (if I didn't like it so much and want to keep it myself!)

I enjoyed this seller and will definitely be back for any of my fairy jewelry needs.


Beth said...

Lovely! And I agree - I always expect a longer delay on made-to-order stuff, so when it comes that fast? I'm personally thrilled.

ambergoulet said...

I'm really intrigued! I've never seen an ear cuff. Maybe I've been living under a rock, or these are unusual. :) Either way they are very nice.

I agree, 2.5 weeks seems a nice quick turn around. Sounds like quite a nice experience. :)