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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My prizes from the Durham Artwalk

Most people know I have a thing for notecards... and some days I think I keep the USPS in business. I got a few from other artists who were in the Carolina Theater with me during the Durham Artwalk.

The first here is a handpainted card from Beth Palmer. handpainted note card by Beth Palmer This is my favorite note card from Orange Cat Art, a fellow Triangle Area Etsian. (I also got the pink dogwood blossoms... couldn't resist.)
Dogwood blossoms, Photography by Jill M. Davis of Orange Cat Art And here is a print of a painting by Charles Dillingham:
Print of Flower Path, Forever Changing by Charles Dillingham Any my final prize - my new sugar monster by Rachel Maready Bowman! Since my counter is covered with beads and glue and all things that don't belong... she'll have a place of honor in the library until I've gotten motivated to clean:

Sugar Monster by Rachel Maready Bowman It opens up so cute and has a beautiful color inside:

Sugar Monster by Rachel Maready Bowman

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