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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So, I've been neglecting all online portions of my business lately. This blog, my shops on etsy, 1000Markets, and Artfire...

I was aghast last week when I openned up my etsy shop and it said 4 items! What? Everything had expired? Had it really been that long? I had to finally admit to myself that I was neglecting it (and stop doing the "I don't see it - so it's not really there" routine. This miniscule picture shows how it looks today and it only says "6" items because immediately after seeing "4" last week, I renewed one and yesterday I was able to add another.

Shore Debris on but I promise the world, I was not spending my days staring into space and doing nothing!

I've been making stuff like my new sea shell flower necklace idea:

Sea Shell Flower Artisan Necklace
and I've tried a more "random" wire wrapping method to make these sea glass earrings.
Sea Glass Artisan Wire Wrapped earrings
Now I just need to write some descriptions so I can get them in my shop soon :)


Lanyardlady said...

Beautiful items! It's hard to keep up with everything. My blog is on hiatus so I know the feeling.

~Kristen~ said...

Oh my gosh that shell flower is AMAZING!!! I love it!!! And I have always love sea glass. You make such beautiful items!