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Monday, April 26, 2010

This weekend's present to myself!

What weekend isn’t great if you start with a present for yourself?

And this isn’t my normal type of beautiful stone/fossil/or shell to add to my jewelry-making-supplies collection… This was just something I have wanted for a couple of years and I finally broke down and bought:

Hitachi Table Saw The only problem with it was the directions for putting it together... I could write for hours about how bad they were, but since I finally did get it together, I am happy. My brother and I were able to make a few passes on it
Hitachi Table Saw and now I've got some new shelves to show off as soon as I get the camera outside :)


Victoria said...

Wow, that's very prolific of you! That's impressive, I wish I knew how to use machines like that, I would love to make our own shelves! My boyfriend's pretty handy, but I am shamefully girly about stuff like that... power tools kind of frighten me!

Shore Debris said...

It's ok to be girly about tools. I started very small with my power tools - last year I was cutting plywood with a little hand held circular saw with a 4 inch blade - being battery powered, it was even a sort of "quiet" machine, but I was definitely bigger than the saw, so it made it not seem so scary :) Now, I do admit that when my brother left for Florida on Monday and Tuesday I had to use it all by myself, I jumped a bit and scared myself a couple of times. :D Although tomorrow, I think I will be much better with it.