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Friday, August 28, 2009

Great Shop Names (3)

It's been awhile since I've done this feature (not because I'm not finding interesting names, but simply because I've cut back on my etsy browsing in an attempt to save my wallet from utter ruin...). Reading an etsy e-mail about forum posts, I went to that post and saw a shop called: "auntjanecan" The reason I was drawn to it was because her avatar had a lady with a feather-like hair adornment and a green bird. I was assuming that this was some sort of joke for Aunt Jane being like a Toucan.
I was pleasantly surprised when I clicked on her avatar and found out that my assumptions were totally wrong :) and laughing to myself as I was reading her shop announcement. Her premise is that "Aunt Jane Can ... make it all better."
A quick excerpt from her announcment:

"Having problems? Just ask Aunt Jane."

"Trouble in your marriage? A nice gift made by Aunt Jane will make up for whatever you did to upset your wife. Everything is all better."

Aunt Jane is an artist of many different media - she's got sculpture, beadwork, painting, altered digital photography/painting, and more her her shop and here's just a sample of one of her prints on a card:

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Shore Debris said...

I should have done my research better before posting...

AuntJane is Blue Jane on Artfire if you were interested:

She also has a new blog (ended an Aunt Jane one and began a Blue Jane one) here: