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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Creating a store name...

Do store names interest you? Especially when you think they are neat or sort of tongue in cheek or a complete play on words? Well, they do me...

My grandmother Rita, you can meet her on Facebook - Rita Cochran, is our name person. The first store she wanted to name was She'll Shell (looks almost like shell shell, but is She Will Shell as in She will shell for the rest of her life)... We found out a couple of years ago that does not work since shell gas owns all names of anything even resembling Shell for the name. Oh, well.

So that is how we got to Shore Debris... most of our items are made from stuff washed up on the beach, so figured it was an appropriate title (also courtesy of Grandma). She's always coming up with great lines and has this wonderful string joke I'll share another day. The latest card idea she had was a sea shell... you could see that it had been cracked and the animal was working on putting it back together, but before it was completely fixed, this shell had rolled up on the shore. Our card would read: "Can see you're on the mend"

Now my dad every once in awhile comes out with a zinger, too. Usually he's more talkative after a beer or so, but a couple of years ago when my Aunt Lori was trying to figure out what to call her jewelry business, my dad popped in with "BCF Designs. " Of course all of us are pondering what on earth this could be... It sounds like really neat initials, but not anyone's in the family. It stood for "Beckett's College Fund." (Beckett is her son.) We all thought it was quite entertaining.

In the past few days, I have run across another store name that I thought was neat (and would make the rest of my family jealous). It is "Just for the Shell of it." A real nice lady owns it and is on etsy at She sells trinket and jewelry boxes, wedding accessories, and other sea shell themed items.

As I find more neat names, I'll pass them along...

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