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Friday, June 26, 2009

Shopping on Etsy... Product Review #2

So, would you think to find handmade dog toys on etsy? It never would have occured to me.

I was trying to participate in a shop critique thread (even though I did a critique on three other shops, I never was able to get mine critiqued... ho hum...) when I ran across a crotched dog toy maker. Now the newest addition to my family, Libby who was adopted from Carolina Animal Rescue and Adoption, has made me a complete sucker for all sorts of cute dog toys... although the neighbors think I indulge her "come and get me" games a little too much.

Anyway, here is the Ice Cream Cone toy I bought for Libby. And there are more dog toys available in this store:

It arrived in a regular large envelope with 2 crocheted toys and a couple of dog treats. Packaging was minimal - which is what I like because I hate having to throw away lots of that stuff. The price was great for what you get - at Walmart you can hardly get one toy for the price of the two that were sent to me.

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