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Monday, June 29, 2009

I made my first sale on Etsy!

I was so excited when I made my first sale at my etsy store:

I had an e-mail that I didn't know what it was from, an immediate payment, and a great feeling. I was thinking - Wow! I'll finally have some sort of feedback rating, too. I package the item nicely, ensure it is all set, print the mailing label, e-mail the customer the tracking number, and wait...

Weeks go by... I double check to make sure it was delivered, and yes, two days following the shipment, the package was delivered. I hem and haw, considering whether or not to e-mail the customer and make sure everything was ok. Getting on the computer, I decide to look at the customer's profile. The customer has a positive feedback rating, all from other sellers... I click on the "feedback left for others" link and come to find out, this buyer has never left feedback for anyone. At least I can sit and know that my item was not bad in comparison to other sales....

Now I sit here wishing I never had that sale - turning that great positive into a negative... Without that sale, I'd show up on etsy's "Undiscovered" page, but alas, now I must live as someone who's had a sale, but didn't sell something good enough for the buyer to want to leave feedback.

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