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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Shopping on Etsy....

I have found my new obsession.... purchasing items on etsy.

And to think my husband was happy that I had just given up my e-Bay obsession. Have you never heard of etsy? That's Ok, I hadn't either until about 2 months ago - I was working a booth at what was supposed to be an Artists' and Crafters' tent at a local fair (was a major bust because the organizers FORGOT to mention to the crafters who had signed up that they didn't sell all the booths by the deadline, so they openned it up to flea market vendors). There was a papergoods lady sort of behind me in the tent that showed me etsy... an online venue for artists, crafters, their supplies, and unique vintage items only! So unlike e-Bay, you don't have to sift through the trash in order to get to the good stuff... and selling handmade on e-Bay is hard since "most" everyone on e-Bay is looking for a deal or steal only (I'm guilty, too.).

So in the process of setting my own etsy shop up, I have managed to find all sorts of cool items and sellers on etsy and want to share them with the world :)

So the first product I want to share with you is from: These guys specialize in both seeds and unique vintage glassware and pottery.

I have bought their Heirloom Fruit Seeds for the SunBerry plant. They were a great price, too - only $1.50 and they sent a pack of pepper seeds as a free gift. So much more exciting than going to Lowe's and getting your seeds. At first I was sort of disappointed in the price for shipping - $1.99 (Being an avid online purchaser and single-handedley attempting to keep the post office affloat, I have a pretty good idea where shipping prices should be for any given item.) But reading their profile more, I saw that they charge the same shipping for your first 10 packets of seeds - now that is very reasonable. I just should have bought more seeds!

It arrived in the mail in a standard envelope (the same size all your bills arrive) so I didn't realize I had gotten them already. Inside the envelope there was a nice handwritten note about both of the seeds (handling, planting, etc) and the seeds were wrapped in a bit of bubble-wrap.

I'll take a picture of the plants in a few months and let you know how the berries are!

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