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Friday, February 19, 2010

100 Mile Fitness Challenge... Week 7

100 mile fitness challenge This week was great! Got in my alternate workouts Mon-Thurs... I now just need to work a bit more on my food intake because I was just way too sore too many days.

Fri - 1.25 mile walk = 1
Sat - 1 mile walk = 1
Sun - 1.25 mile walk = 1
Mon - .5 mile walk, 25 min strength (Quickie Resistance Band Shape Up), 10 min pilates (Pilates Complete for Everyone), 10 min cardio (Slow and Steady Burn) = 3
Tue - 2 mile walk, 10 min cardio (Interval Burn), 10 min yoga (10-min Solution) = 3
Wed - 2 mile walk, 10 min strength (Metabolism Booster), 10 min yoga (Yoga Fitness) = 3
Thu - 2 mile walk, 10 min cardio (Power Blast), 15 min pilates (Pilates Complete for Everyone) = 3
Total: 15 (Overall Total: 98)

1 comment:

Trish said...

What a great week!! I know you emailed me about the recipe, but I'm also trying to gather little blips about videos from people. And of course no response so far. :) Looks like you do a big variety of videos! Would you like to help me by picking a few of your favorites and writing up a short review? I'm trying to compile all in one post so if you're interested, email me. No pressure, of course.

And your variety!! I LOVE it. Great job with these challenges.