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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Etsy Blogger of the Month: Tilt Creations

This month's etsyBlogger is Tilt Creations...

She has a shop full of colorful bags, like my favorite here, a medium sized purse: And a destash shop, Tilt too, where she's getting rid of fabric, patterns, and supplies from her handbag shop.

Somehow, she finds time for two blogs... I barely have time for this one :)

Speaking of time, earlier this month on her Tilt Creations blog, she has an article on "Time Boxing" ... a method that is more than scheduling, but the basics are assigning a measurable amount of time for all necessary tasks during the day. I definitely need to delve into this one a bit further...

On Tilt Creations Too, the lastest article is on this new site called "Buy my Handmade Crap" - Cute!

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