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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My pendant in another listing...

I was a bit miffed today when I was browsing jewelry on etsy looking for a gift... Like normal, supplies are tagged as jewelry first (and I was searching handmade only, not both) - but since I'm a shell person and the crazy names people come up with for shells amuse me, I went ahead and openned it up...My little surprise... my hawkwing conch pendant is the last shell pictured. I know people would say it was meant as a form of flattery, but for me it seemed like she was saying the last two pictures were hers (and I do wonder who the other artist is because that pendant is impressive). I would have been happy if I had come across it and it said something like: "The last two pictures are my favorite shell pendants from other sellers on etsy and hopefully give you inspiration to play with these shells." I would have been fine without any credit.

Well, it is off my chest now, so I will go about my normal business... I got a new bead catalog in the mail today, so I'm sure all 565 pages will keep my mind occupied :)

1 comment:

Lanyardlady said...

How annoying. I wonder if people do this kind of thing deliberately or they just don't think. It is flattering that she selected it, though!