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Thursday, February 18, 2010


So, I've been selling stuff online since 2005... and in all those years I never once created a personalized invoice for my business. How lazy was I that I just printed off the standard invoice from eBay or etsy or PayPal?

Well, just recently, I made my very first sale in my shop on 1000 Markets (yes, I will be doing the happy dance for the next two weeks). I couldn't find the easy, quick print invoice button on 1000 Markets (don't worry it was probably just user error). That inconvenience finally made me get off my butt and make my own invoice.

So here is the masterpiece that I will be sending out with all future purchases no matter what the venue - in a style I'm labeling "artistically professional:" I water marked one of my sea shell wall hangings and made it so it prints in 6x9 size so it will fit flat in my packages (most of my mailings are in 8 1/2 by 11 envelopes).


Anonymous said...

How nice is that? Looks professional and detailed.

Congrats on the first 2010 sale too!

with love,

Linda said...

Very professional looking - and I like your watermark!

elsiee said...