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Monday, November 30, 2009

This week's favorite... Christmas Ornaments

Since today I will be putting up my Christmas Tree, I wanted to look and see what ornaments I could find on etsy… out of the 33,300+ listed, I only made it through page 200 (so probably missed some really special ones on pages 201-1500)!

Look at the cute faces on these little dragons! Aren’t they adorable? Red Wyvern Studio has lots of additional polymer clay sculptures and fantasy ornaments.

Oh, and the little nose on this mouse! I can almost see it twitching… Warmth is a shop full of lil’ felt mice.

And boy do I love the color purple! Here’s a way to quietly add it to your tree… Bloom And Barnacle has an entire selection of mini stockings you just have to check out!

And I have a tree full of painted glass ornaments only (yes, there are two trees in my house)! These ones from Ornaments by Deb would fit right in…

And isn’t this little dress so cute! Cottage in the Sun offers a variety of items made from ceiling tins.


Miss Dot said...

Oh wow, kudos to you and your bravery for attempting to wade through the mass of ornaments at etsy! Looks like you picked some good ones, though. My favorites are the dragons -- I'm going to head over to that shop now! Thanks for getting through 1-200 so I don't have to!! ;)

Romy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog--happy shopping! Always nice to connect with other bloggers.

Maggi said...

These are too cute! Etsy has the best stuff, I could browse all day! lol