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Monday, November 16, 2009

This week's favorite... porcelain Necklace

Apparently my eye is being caught by porcelain, pottery, stoneware and other various clay creations... (at least if you look in my checkbook, that is what I have been buying!). This beautiful pendant is from Down to Earth Pottery. This pendant is handformed from porcelain clay and fired with 4 different glazes before being wrapped in copper wire. I don't know what it is about Down to Earth Pottery, but everytime I think I've found my favorite necklace, I see another under "seller's other items" that looks even better!


Almost Precious said...

The Designer's Downtown Market looks fantastic, and also like a very dangerous place for the wallet or checkbook. =D

Also wanted to let you know I'm having my 2nd blog giveaway, this time for cute case you'd like to check it out. Just like last time no strings attached.

Shore Debris said...

Yes, the Designer's Downtown Market should wreak havoc on my checkbook - lucky me, I only have 2 checks left in my checkbook and that's all I'm taking with me. That way, I have to be a real discerning customer :)