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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A-Z Wednesday from Reading at the Beach

Good Morning! Welcome to my portion of A-Z Wednesday brought to you by Reading at the Beach.

This week's letter is "N."

To play, simply scan your shelves and piles of books to find a title starting with the letter "N." Post a picture, the title, synopsis, a link to the book (from amazon, etc), and post your link on Vicki's Blog in her A-Z Wednsday Post. Have fun finding an old friend or maybe something you've been meaning to read, but had forgotten for a time...
Image from Amazon.
I had a hard time finding an "N" and ended up in my husband's collection of books - he reads lots of military nonfiction, so here is a little bit about Not a Good Day to Die by Sean Naylor.

The author, info from the back flap of the book, is a senior writer for the Army Times and has developed a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable military writers in the U.S. His coverage of Operation Anaconda earned him the White House Correspondent's Association's Edgar A. Poe Award.

The book is about Operation Anaconda, the mistakes made by senior military officials that cost Americans their lives and how a small ad hoc unit of various special operations men prevented a total U.S. military catastrophe in the mountains of Afghanistan during the Spring of 2002.

Now I have not read this book, but per my husband: As for the book: pretty good book overall. He's served with several people who fought in that battle including his old platoon sergeant, who thought the book was fairly accurate although the author mixed up a few units and details. It's a good look at a turning point in the war when conventional forces were first used in combat.

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