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Friday, July 3, 2009

So when do you have time to actually do your craft?

So you have to take pictures of all those items you made last year... you post them along with a description that is now taking you longer to create because you no longer think your descriptions are interesting.

You try to keep up with all of the blogs and forums you've registered to read and be a part of so that you can get exposure.

You go back to those articles about advertising.

You post your website on

You register and submit your website to

You post a 30 day classified add at and

You add your website to

You register with

You post your website at under their "Girl Wide Web."

You register your website on

You add three more of your items to google base for a one month subscription and finally see the one item you added 2 weeks ago still has zero clicks...

No you wonder what is the point. You just spend five hours, your butt fell asleep, you've gotten a headache... and nothing to really show for it.

Creating an online store for your craft is supposed to give you another venue to sell and give you more "exposure" to a wider range of people. But then you come across all of the forums and advice that say you have to advertise, you have to create a blog, you get exposure through facebook and twitter....

My response is, so when do you have time to actually sit down and do your stuff? Me, since I started the esty shop.. I've started one new pendant... haven't finished it yet nor have I started any other crafts. I'm just too tired after all of this work on advertising. I think I just need to get back to what I had wanted to do to begin with - creating things.

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