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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wildflower Soap... Etsy Product Review #3

I found this soap while participating in a Sneak Attack on etsy. The shop called Sunny Bubbles is actually run by a bunch of elementary school kids... well, actually they're the labor! Anyway, their products are all decently priced and all proceeds are donated to something that is always near and dear to my heart... the Oregon Humane Society.

The soap is a good size for a stocking stuffer gift and would fit in any of the soap dishes in my bathrooms. It has a light fruity/flowery smell that is pleasing and in no way overbearing.
Shipping was very fast.. I think I had this soap three business days after purchase and I was not expecting it near that fast (especially traveling from coast to coast). The soap was contained in a small plastic bag and wrapped in newspaper (it even looked like someone found a colorful ad and purposefully wrapped the soap up in the middle of it to look like it was actual wrapping paper) - everyone probably knows by now that I greatly appreciate the recycled wrappings more than anything else.
The sneak attack sold them out of inventory... but I'll be sure to look for more when school starts up again!

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