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Saturday, July 18, 2009

To open a new store or not?

So, if you've ever looked at my stuff, you'd notice a large assortment of stuff... since everything interests me and I like to try everything. At what point do I make a new store?

That is my question.

I was thinking of a name: "Purple Fuzzy Feet" I haven't checked etsy to see if anyone has ever used it... and no, it doesn't mean anything. It popped into my head about 2 weeks ago and hasn't left.

Here's the stuff I am thinking of putting in it:

1. Vintage items - since about age 5, I've rescued vintage and antique items from family members and have accumulated much more than actually fits in my house
2. Fabric items - I have a thing for trivets, coasters, and aprons right now.
3. Papercrafts that don't match my sea shell theme (cards and journals)
4. 100% recycled to be sold in support of Carolina Animal Rescue and Adoption - Handpainted flower pots, gift tags, bottle cap pendants, etc.

Should I go with the new store or just keep adding to the one I have?


Mimi said...

I asked this same question on the Etsy forums a while ago, as I have some vintage tablecloths I think I will sell, along with other items, and they don't go with my shop. Most people suggested that I just make a new section in my shop, but I never did ... just doesn't seem right, but I also don't think I have the time or energy to run another shop right now. Let me know how it goes and what you decided!

Rhena said...

I also have a pretty big assortment in my shop. For the time being, I'm going to keep the one and divide it into sections. I think I should have at least 100 items there before I think about starting another one. It's already a full time job to do one!

BTW, your jewelry is beautiful!

Shore Debris said...


I think I have decided to go ahead and make a new shop. I'm just going to give myself time to get myself a little organized before openning it up. My timeline will be by 15 September, the new store will be there.