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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Getting Ready for the Cary Sip & Shop

So, I am the most disorganized person in the world (or at least that is what it seems like!) Tomorrow evening is the Sip & Shop at the Chatham Street Cafe in Cary (North Carolina) and yes, I am to be a part of the event. Unlike your typical craft show vendors - I never set up my display before the event (as "practice"), I am up all night the night before printing out my tags and signs, and procrastinate on everything. Today, my kitchen counter is covered in photos and folded cardstock for my yet unmade cards... my coffee table has 4 pendants (that still need necklaces made), 3 started pendants, and a new beaded set that has no clasps... my hearth has a basket of shells and 3 types of glue to make shell flowers... my garage has all sorts of shadow boxes, candle holders and the start of magnets with various paints drying. Why do I always wait until the last minute for everything?

Earlier this year, I discovered my favorite "organizational" item for craft shows. This wide, 3-drawer plastic bin:
I actually already had them on hand and were empty (back when I was trying to get rid of the "college-dorm" look of my house). I've discovered I can fit all of my inventory in one, they fit beneath every type of table out there (even the short ones), and they are extremely easy to transport when I put it on my luggage roller. The wide drawers are nice because I can fit up to 6 small shadowboxes or 4 wall hangings+12 ornaments in a single drawer and still have a drawer for all of my small stuff (jewelry, bookmarks, notecards, etc).

Now, time to figure out what unfinished project is to become the gift for a raffle at the event!


Linda said...

I also have one of those plastic bins - it's great!

I worked all day yesterday to prepare for the Sip & Shop, polishing up all the silver, printing inventory, setting up displays, packaging and packing all of my stuff! Now I keep wondering "have I forgotten anything...?"

Mimi said...

OK, I totally love you! That is exactly the way I am before any kind of big 'project' is due. Your college dorm bin tip sounds good. I'll be doing my first show and sale this holiday season! Let us now how the event was!

Shore Debris said...

Good! I'm not the only one :)

I was actually in a meeting for vendors for one of my other upcoming events and a very experienced woman (like 20 years of craft shows) was giving pointers to a woman who is getting ready for her first show and as soon as she goes into a section on "how to set up at home, take a picture, write down your set-up, and reverse pack"... I'm looking at her and say something like, "You actually set up at home before you go? I just throw my stuff into my boxes and go." The room grew silent - the ones that weren't glaring daggers were looking at me like I had horns... guess I shouldn't have made that comment there. :)