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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Two-Day Pumpkin Carving Project

Here is the gigantic pumpkin I bought at Gross Farms. It did not look nearly as big as it is while sitting amongst the other pumpkins... I openned the pumpkin and was surprised by the icky, spider-like, goey insides - surprised because it has been more than 10 years since I carved a pumpkin and I'd forgotten how icky the insides really are. After, I finally got it cleaned out, I wanted to come up with a unique design... looking at my fridge, I saw my sea shells. So what better for me, than a sea shell halloween pumpkin. I got out some computer paper and created a pattern:
And here is the final result:

At least no one else in my community will have the same design :) even if they all think I am weird.


Anonymous said...

So cute! I love that pumpkin, it's such a neat idea! :)

Chris said...

Hey great idea to come up with something that actually means something to you! Looks like you did a really good job cutting it out too. did you forget that pumpkins are nasty on the inside...I haven't carved a pumpkin for as long as I can remember for that very reason.