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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This week's favorite... Ireland Road

Living in a relatively big (or at least bigger than all of my previous apartments), new house, I'm always looking at art trying to figure out what to put on my cream colored walls. It took months to pick out the cream color so I guess years to figure out art style will be just like me.

I've been drawn to this oil painting on etsy from Lynn Cyr. It is an original on a 12 x 6" gallery wrapped canvas - I just cannot figure out which room in my house this picture would be best -
or if I need a different sort of art from Lynn Cyr. In addition to the beautiful paintings, she also has an interesting collection of birch bark accessories.

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Jacky said...

Oh, very pretty! Just wanted to come by and say thanks SO much for your visit/comment. I knew the SITStas would cone through for me. =)