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Monday, October 5, 2009

This week's favorite... Faerie Everything

Today I want to start with this stunning faerie ensemble. Created by The Bohemian Goddess on etsy, each piece, bodice and skirt, can be purchased separately and are equally enchanting. Now, if I only had somewhere I could be dressed up this year...
If faeries aren't your thing, this shop has a great selection of goddess wear and unique vintage finds. But, I'd like to stay in my faerie land for a little while... where money is no matter and I have lots of faerie balls to attend on a weekly basis... For the accessories to go with this beautiful costume:

The Purple Bracelet! Not only has Gypsy Moon Art used my favorite colors, but I believe I could wear this bracelet every day. Check out this shop for a wide selection of wire art!

A tiny ring for my wee little finger! Dee at Bei Creations has wrapped a beautiful ring that would look perfect on my hand as it is kissed by every faerie prince coming to visit my ball!
Jewels for the Neck! Being in faerie land means having an affinity for nature that this beautiful necklace from rwestdesigns just seems to bring out! Check out this shop for some very unique beaded designs.
And last but not least, the shoes. Now these will definitely make a statement and complete my outfit! Craft-Tastrophe's shop changes shoes into creations I would never imagine on my own...
Thank you for taking a few minutes to join me in faerie land. I hope the landing back into reality isn't too bumpy!


digitaldoodlebug said...

that fairy outfit it cool! it looks like it needs to be sold as a set though.

RWestDesigns Jewelry said...

Thank you for featuring one of my necklaces in your blog!!
R West Designs