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Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Yoga Partner

Meet Libby. She stands about 2 feet high, weighs about 35 pounds, and is the fuzzy terrorist that rules my household. Her daily activities include trying to get neighborhood cats up trees, barking at all moving cars, keeping squirrels off of the bird feeders, causing stuffing hemorages in all toys, and upsetting my balance during daily yoga practice.Don't let this picture fool you! She looks so innocent and peaceful in the middle of my yoga mat - but that's only because I have given up trying to use it! Try the downward facing dog and she'll headbutt you in the chest until you give up... upward facing dog gets you a cold nose burrowing in the 3 inches between your hipbone and the mat... do a tree - what?! you'll get those paws on your hips ensuring you tip over!

Yoga has definitely changed for me over the years - and not just because I was moving all over the US. For the past 8 months, I've been doing Steve Ross' Inhale program that comes on Oxygen Channel at 6 am EST. I like the casualness of the program and just read an interesting review on it, too. I recently tried yoga with one of my friends' trainers and that was no good - I can't do a 30 min yoga session with someone repeatedly telling me that all other yoga instructors are wrong in their teaching - I prefer Steve Ross' mentality that comes across the screen... some like x, some like y, and others like neither, but it is all good - or at least that's what I get from his commentary :)

1 comment:

Lynn said...

Wow, I can't do Anything at 6:ooam.
My dog would love your dog, btw!